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It is not enough to just post engaging content. If you are an Entrepreneur, you want to be getting leads from your efforts. Perhaps you have even posted some good content before but when it comes to getting leads, you get nothing … no interest ... SILENCE! That can be discouraging.

The thing is, you have to be strategic about what you post. You have to have an approach that will help your audience Know, Like and Trust you. Why? Because people buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.

Now just IMAGINE a tool that will help you do just that?

Check Out Our Step by Step Organic Facebook Lead Generation Course. Finally Learn The Strategy Used By Influencers Who Are Crushing It On Facebook.

Plan your week/month/year's worth of content with our Automated Post Ideas Tool.
Create your ideal buyer avatar with our client persona template to help you focus your messaging.
Learn how to generate massive curiosity about your business using simple posts. Get post suggestions based on our Ubora Method (built in).
Learn step by step what to do each day on Facebook to grow your business. Start generating leads in as little as 7 days of following the steps in this course.

Here's What You Will Get With This Course ...


Step by Step Guide on how to create a Lead Magnet

Daily Checklist

Exact steps for generating leads and building authority daily. Work just 1-2 hours per day!

Content Planner

365+ Daily prompts planned out for your Profile and Page. Never guess what to post again.

Strategy Workbook

You will get a Google Sheets workbook that will help you efficiently plan your Facebook marketing

Group Support

You will have a supportive group of people cheering you on and helping you stay accountable and on track.

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