Marketing Strategy Package


Your Online Marketing Is Not Working. Now What?

If you’re like many Entrepreneurs, you’re bombarded with messages about tactics that if done in your business will boost your sales revenue. From Funnels to Facebook Ads, Welcome Emails to Nurture Campaigns, Instagram Stories to Facebook Lives, and the list goes on.

Trying to piece it all together when it is not your core expertise can be frustrating at best. What tools should you use? What tactics are best for your business? How often should you post? Should you be spending more time on Facebook or Instagram or some other channel … The list of questions goes on and on.

So many Entrepreneurs jump in and do their best to stay afloat. Some even stumble into success with this approach but for most, it is exhausting and frustrating. They want to focus on serving their clients not figuring out the latest marketing tactic.


What you need is an integrated marketing framework. One that connects the dots so what you do on your social media, you website and even offline all work toward meeting your common objectives. We can help.

Boost your Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Revenue Potential With A Custom Integrated Strategy.
Give your competitors a run for their money through some robust marketing techniques.

Your roadmap to results driven marketing

We put together a solid roadmap that will lead you to predictable, measurable marketing outcomes. There are 6 core areas we will plan for.


The most important ingredient in a marketing strategy are the metrics. We will help you piece together clear objectives and Key Performance Indicators.


We will help you get clear on who you should be targeting. We will help get clear on your target market, your one customer persona to focus on and your offer.


We will help you put together a custom lead attraction strategy that encompasses Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media.


We will help you develop a strategy that effectively and efficiently converts the leads you attract using sales funnel.


At any one time, only 3% of your clients are ready to buy. We will help you craft and effective nurture series to warm and convert leads.


We will provide you with an action plan to help you set up the foundation you will need to implement your marketing strategy.