Marketing Framework Consulting Package




The Marketing Framework Consulting Package helps you generate a clear road map for your marketing in 5 Sessions. At the beginning, you will get my Marketing Strategy workbook in Google Docs where each piece of the strategy will be captured. At the end of our session, you will have a complete strategy with an execution plan and tools needed to set up and execute.

This package includes the following. There will be 4 sessions.

Session 1 (30 Minute Session)

  • On boarding

Session 2 (60 Minute Session)

  • Ideal Client and Offers

Session 3 (120 Minute Session)

(Note: I will have a draft strategy already put together and we will work together to refine it during this session)

  • Client Awareness Strategy
  • Client Engagement Strategy
  • Client Referral Strategy

Session 4 (60 Minute Session)

  • Feedback Look and Execution Plan

Session 5 (30 Minute Session)

  • Wrap Up


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